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Charity work at National Orthopedic Center

The Freemasons of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 spent a few hours distributing food, clothing and medicines to indigent patients of National Orthopedic Center in Manila yesterday, February 16, 2009. This was followed a light hearted fellowship at Brookes Point Bar in Q.C.

DSC_0018The Three Musketeers: Mamerto Padilla, Jason Mamenta & Flor Bahena.



FCM Benjie Esgura, Kuyangs Flor Bahena, Mamerto Padilla, Bangs Llacuna, Jason Mamenta with Bros. Waiyip Chong of Dalisay Lodge and Pete Strada of Amoranto Lodge.


With VW Antonio Tuason



Chow Time!


Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 Officers for MY 2009

VW Samuel A. Laus PDDGM Worshipful Master Wilfdredo E. Baltazar Marshal Oliver Lim Webmaster
Federic G. Sagario Senior Warden Danilo L. Dizon Senior Deacon Mamerto T. Padilla Jr., Senior Steward
Roberto O. Sing Junior Warden Edison S. Somera Junior Deacon Florizel M. Bahena Jr., Junior Steward
Kristoffer G.B. Llacuna Treasurer WB Walter B. Lagadan PM Orator WB Francis E. Blanco Custodian of Works
George Brian C. Ong Secretary WB Secinio Z. Bermudez PM Almoner WB Fernando C. Pace Harmony Officer
Victor Antonio T. Espejo Auditor VW Antonio C. Zeta PDGL Lecturer Jason F. Mamenta Organist
WB Tomas T. Balisi PM Chaplain VW Isaac F. Arribas Jr. PGH Historian VW Antonio A. Tuason PDDGM Tyler

Welcome Remarks of immediate out-going WM Antonio A. Tuason, PDDGM


A warm and hearty welcome to the second Installation Ceremonies of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, F&AM! Your presence adds color and flavor in today’s events.

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, F&AM is a very young Lodge. It was during the stint of MW Jaime Yutuc Gonzales PGM when we were issued a Dispensation to form and Instituted on December 04, 2007. While working Under Dispensation, we were able to Raise three Master Masons and was officially recognized during the 92nd Annual Communication held at Bacolod City last year, and assigned a lodge number. The Lodge was formally Constituted and granted a Charter on May 14, 2008 at this very same hall by our present Grand Master, MW Pacifico Briones Aniag, assisted by the other Grand Lodge Officers.

True, the lodge underwent some birth pains. Yes, the lodge is still suffering in its infant and critical stage, but it is not sick. Maybe slow, maybe just being careful. But again, it is not sick.

As a Lodge composed of so many college champions and Masonic leaders, whose want is only to be of service, while behaving in a very gentlemanly conduct as friends and brothers, it has managed to triumph and get through its most difficult moments.

Before we witness the changing of the guards, I would like, however to enjoin the officers to be installed to practice the Level-headed type of Leadership, to keep the Flame of Friendship alive and to actively carry the torch of Service for others. Do keep your feet on the ground and listen to your heart, my brethren.

Allow me then to assure each and everyone here present, that these men who are about to assume their respective offices are very responsible, much qualified and duly prepared to steer the Lodge into greater heights. With no doubt, we can all look forward to that.

Right Worshipful Sir, Very Worshipful Sirs, Worshipful Sirs, Brethren, Friends and Guest of Masons, I pray that your stay with us will be meaningful and an enjoyable one. Again welcome! Let us proceed with the ceremonies.

Brethren, this Lodge is convened for the purpose of installing the elected and appointive officers for the ensuing Masonic year.

After this Lodge is called from refreshment, the officers to be installed will retire and prepare themselves for the ceremony of installation. The present officers will also retire, after surrendering their jewels to the Assistant Master of Ceremonies, in front of the East, then give their Aprons to their successors at the Ante-room.

We have invited VW Alexander B. Madamba PDDGM to be our Installing Officer and VW Allan O. Bontuyan PDDGM as Master of Ceremonies, assisted by VW Marcelino Cruz PDDGM as Assistant Master of Ceremonies.

The Brethren may consider themselves free from restraint until the sound of the Gavel in the East.

It is with great humility and honor to accept these things the Lodge has presented to me. Thank you very much.

Surely I will treasure them forever and shall be placed in a dominant place among my Masonic souvenirs.

Allow me to name a number of Brethren who visibly showed support and cooperation during my term. I extend special gratitude to:

  • To VW Isaac F. Arribas, Jr. PDGL and to our immediate past Senior Warden, VW Alexander B. Madamba PDDGM, for their sound advices and genuine concern for the Lodge, salamat.
  • To our immediate past Junior Warden, WB Jimmy U. De Castro PM, for taking care of Lodge refreshments on several occasions, salamat.
  • To Antonio C. Zeta PDGL, our immediate past Lodge Secretary, who unselfishly devoted much of his time and talent in making sure that the lodge is working regularly, salamat.
  • To Bro. Federic G. Sagario, our immediate past Lodge Treasurer, and now Senior Warden, for his constant presence in almost all Lodge activities, including his very active participation in the conferral of Degrees, salamat.
  • To WB Francis E. Blanco and Bro. Fahad Al-Rashid S. Lucman, who alternately were asked to sit at the West annd South stations, and for their active roles in degree works, salamat.
  • To Bro. Wilfredo E. Baltazar, Bro. Joey Bernales, VW Allan O. Bontuyan PDDGM, Bro. Danilo L. Dizon, VW Antonio T. Espejo, VW Ronald Allan E. Fabian PDGL, Bro. Juan Arnel D. Garcia, WB Walter B. Lagadan PM, VW Samuel A. Laus PDDGM, Bro. Kristoffer G.B. Llacuna, Bro. Jason F. Mamenta, Bro. Job M. Mayo III, WB Rogelio D. Jamero, WB Stephen L. Nieves, Bro. George Brian C. Ong, WB Fernando C. Pace PM, Bro. Eric A. Rodriguez, Bro. Ronnie Sotto, Bro. Rafael F. Sahagun Jr., Bro. Edison S. Somera, Bro. Michael Angelo G. Tan, WB Isagani R. Versoza Jr., Bro. Zidney G. Zamora and again, VW Tony C. Zeta, for their visible parts during conferral of degrees, salamat sa inyong lahat.
  • And of course to my very very esteemed Friend and Brother, Senior Warden-Elect of St. John’s Corregidor Lodge No. 3, F&AM, Bro. Elmer D. Garcia. Wala akong masabi kundi salamat.
  • To those I may have missed mentioning because age is catching up on me, salamat din po.

Brethen, the words from my lips will be simple but true…

We have only just begun and there is so much to be done. I enjoin each and every member of this Lodge here present to march on, and achieve that which has been placed in our trust. Let Leadership, Friendship and Service manifest themselves more strongly through the principal tenets of Freemasonry, that of —Brother Love, Relief and Truth. Let us employ the hidden lessons of the tools of architecture properly and wisely.

At nasaan ka, Kapatid? To those who yet prefer to stay or remain in the dark, will you remain to be a sounding brass and a tinkling cymball? Wake up!

Let us be champions of the Craft particularly of this Lodge. Let us secure our place under the Sun. Let us turn the Trowel sensibly in spreading the cement of concrete brotherhood. And may there be always peace and harmony in our midst.

Yes, let us pray too, that Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, F&AM will prosper, be known, and respected in this Grand Jurisdiction.

And let Loyalty be an important factor in our Masonic endeavors. From Elbert Kim Hubbard we learned that:

“If you work for a man, in Heaven’s name, work for him,
Speak well of him, and stand by the institution which he represents…
Remember an ounce of Loyalty is worth a pound of Cleverness.”

Brethren, having read that, let us rise above ourselves and personal interests. Let us jointly venture down a less selfish path, one that reflect love and understanding, not that of obsession or possesion.

True, envy and fallen egos cry for attention rooted in self importance. There is no place in the bods of freemasonry for false pride.

We must believe that if we are to be a true friend or brother, we must, with resolve, put aside selfishness and personal interests.

Let us discover our Masonic role in life through a positive relationship with others, by promoting the welfareof one another and the Lodge, with Humility.

Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose by rejecting a handshake. It may be easy to weave, scheme and tell grave falsehoods and lies, in the form of truth, but surely they will not echo the speedy completion of the building of our Temple.

Brethren, think and act with proper subordination to your superiors. As mentioned by the installing officer: Others must lead, others must obey.

Truly, a thinking fraternity must not be subservient to personalities. Let us instead learn to discern the respect of an office and a person. Let us relearn the important lesson of the Trowel.

To the newly installed Presiding Officer, Congratulations! I wish you and your officers well and success.

Be humble and modest. Ensure the presentation and continuity of our nodle Masonic traditions and values. Be steadfast and courageous in the face of every challenge.

Try to change and improve things not through confrontation but always with good rhyme and right reason. For always there may be, only may be, those who will try to take your soul if you let them — don’t you let them!

Trust in God and the Divine Plan. Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. For in a man’s heart he may plan his course but the Lord determines his steps. Be devoted to the service of God. Constantly endeavour to promote the welfare of our fellowmen, and out Brethren.

And so, my dear Brethren, my service stint having been accomplished, my moment has arrived and its time for me to clear away. I humbly wish i did justice to the trust and confidence you have reposed in me during my watch as your Worshipful Master. I ask you to judge me by the scenario and the situation the Lodge was in during my watch as Master. I did the best I could while travelling through a rough and rugged road. It is time to leave the stage of Service. I thank you all forĀ  your support from the deepest part of my heart.

Again, I greet you my Brothers! Stand with the Lodge and be counted. Support our Lodge. Support our Worshipful Master as they are but one and the same. Let us gain the satisfaction of claiming that we are far better off today by getting to be a “one-big-solid Lodge” where peace and harmony prevail dominantly among its members.

Maraming, maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat!