Frankies on board USS George Washington

On October 25, 2012, despite a signal 1 storm, the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 along with several brethen of the different lodges under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines boarded USS George Washington CVN-73, an American nuclear-powered supercarrier, the sixth ship in the Nimitz class and the fourth United States Navy ship to be named after our Masonic Brother George Washington, the first President of the United States. This was made possible thru the invitation and good will of Worshipful Master Sailor of the year EJ Angeles, the incumbent Wm of Rising Sun Lodge based in Japan. Below are some photos of the sortie made by some of the Horton Lodge brethren.

Masons of FRHML with WM Ej Angeles.

Rain, Rain go away…little Frankies want to play…

American Fighter Jets having their photo taken with VW Robert Sing, WM of the year.

Sis Yvonne Sing and VW Robert Sing with sailor of the year billboard.

Representatives of Horton Lodge.

Our Atengs having their photo taken.

A little bit of trivia, Frank Reed Horton, our lodge namesake served with the US Navy. He joined the Navy in 1918, commissioned an Ensign in 1919. As an ensign, he served on the mine sweeper USS Whippoorwill shortly after World War I. And received World War I Victory Medal with Minesweeper Clasp. Incidentally, USS Whippoorwill was assigned right here in the Philippines as part of the asiatic fleet shortly before World War 2. After helping war torn Manila, she was decomissioned in 1946.

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