Frankies Supporting the Public School System

The brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 took time out last September 24, 2011 to again visit Minalin, Pampanga but this time around to visit two public schools to donate 2 Desktop Computers each, distribute food to the kids, deliver wheel chairs to some of their parents and also to do a bit of tree planting.

Frankies, we maybe be few but we carry big sticks. Tshirts in Square and Compass.

The Lodge is always supported by our hardworking petitioners without them we would have a hard and less fun time. Tshirts in Fleur de lis.

Junior Warden Belli Tamayo in his top racing form.

The brethren posing with the 2 desktop computers assigned to Bulac Elementary School.

The Lights of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 and VW Raynor Taroy, PDDGM poses with the school principal of Bulac Elementary School.

JW Belli Tamayo and WM Robert Sing.

The brethren and petitioners of Lodge 379 Treeplanting at Bulac Elementary School.

Relatives of the Wheel Chair recipients.

Now on our way to Brgy. Saplad Elementary School, only accesible via pump boats.

Brgy. Saplad Elementary School, Minalin, Pampanga. A remote public school in Pampanga located in an islet sorrounded by riverlike floodwaters.

Posing with the hardworking principal of Saplad Elementary School.

VW Raynor teaching the Saplad kids computer basics.

After eating superb local arroz caldo, it was finally time to go back to Manila. ’till next time.

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