Horton Hears A Woe

In celebration of the 44th birthday of WB Roberto “Mr. Charity” Sing, the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 conducted a feeding and gift giving program at the Reception and Study Center for Children-Department of Social Welfare and Development (RSCC-DSWD) located in Misamis St., Project 6, Quezon City on February 12, 2011.

Some 60 adorable children were treated to a sumptuous brunch by the brethren followed by distribution of toys to the kids who are overwhelmed with joy – they just don’t know what toys to pick up anymore.

The Worshipful Master and the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 were joined by District NCR-E’s Grand Lodge Inspector, WB Roberto “Bong” Fajardo and NCR-A’s District Deputy Grand Master, VW Greg Archangel. Also present were some brethren from N.S. Amoranto Lodge No. 358.

Taking the lead of their Worshipful Master, the Senior and Junior Wardens of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 pledged that they will conduct the same program in celebrating their respective birthdays. Mr. Charity likewise asked the other brethren to do the same whenever they can.

Before the activity was concluded, the officer-in-charge of the center that day thanked the brethren for giving joy to the children and asked the brethren not to forget the kids, hoping that this activity won’t be the last. She also informed the brethren that there are infants in the center who also need our help.

“Horton hears a woe. The next time we come to the RSCC-DSWD, we’ll be bringing them milk & clothes”, are the brethren’s prompt replies.

(P.S. the next outreach program in this center is scheduled on April 16, 2011, in celebration of the birthday of Bro. Belli B. Tamayo, Junior Warden of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379. The brethren are invited to join.)

WB Bong Fajardo, PM of Laong Laan Lodge and Dual Member of FRHML379, handing out food to the kids.

WB Robert Sing posing with some of the collegiate resident brothers of APO Petitioning Chapter #120.

WB Robert Sing posing with the kids eager to get their hands on the toys the brothers brought.

WB Robert Sing posing with the brethren.

The brethren posing with the sisses from APO Petitioning Chapter #120.

Fun Shoot at Camp Crame. Sponsored by Junior Warden Col. Belli B. Tamayo

WB Sherwin Enriquez, WB Francis Blanco, JW Belli Tamayo, Bro. Danny Dizon and SW Zidney Zamora.

The Petitioners of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379

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