Sunshine Committee visits VW Tonette Tuason PM

The brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge made an impromptu visit to Very Worshipful Antonio Tuason’s residence in Quezon City. Kuyang Tonette has been out of circulation due to stomach problems for about a month and the brethren decided to to check on his condition and to bring him good cheer.


From Left to Right: VW Tonette, Senior Warden Eric Sagario, Kuyang Tony Co of Lodge Perla (partly hidden), and Junior Warden Robert Sing.


Left to Right: Kuyang Vic Tariao, Kuyang Enteng from Amoranto Lodge.


Kuyang Tonette’s office is bedecked with Masonic Certificates and toys.



Seperated at Birth? Kuyang Enteng and Very Worshipful Tonette Tuason.

One thought on “Sunshine Committee visits VW Tonette Tuason PM”

  1. We miss you already Very Worshipful sir! sana makadalo na kayo ni VW Sammy Laus sa stated meeting ng 379. Pagaling kayo…

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