August 18 FRHML 3rd Degree Conferral and Fellowship

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 celebrates the raising of Fellow Craft Masons Vic, Gene and Belli to the sublime 3rd Degree. FRHML congratulates its new Master Masons and welcomes them to the Masonic fold.


Belli, Gene and Vic waiting anxiously to be ushered into the adjacent room. Notice the uneasy smiles. hehe.


Raised brothers Gene and Vic now all smiles. Waiting for Belli to finish his turn with the second section.


Now Master Masons All. The Newly Raised Brethren Vic, Belli and Gene (Behind the camera) with Bro. Bangs and Deoise Bongon of Amoranto Lodge.


The brethren raised by Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379. Now ten and going strong…




The brethen with Senior Warden Eric Sagario and Junior Warden Robert Sing.


Master Masons and some of the candidates.


At the Fellowship (Left to Right: Brothers Gene, Boy, Bangs, JW Robert, Bryan, Jun and Eric Rodriguez from Island Luz Minerva Lodge #5.)


Left to right: Brothers Flor, Raul, Eric, Jham and VW Alex Madamba.


VW Tony Zeta and Senior Warden Eric Sagario.

3 thoughts on “August 18 FRHML 3rd Degree Conferral and Fellowship”

  1. To Vic, Gene & Belli, welcome to the Craft! The eyes of this ancient brotherhood are now upon you. Be just, be faithful and be true. Let the Light shine from within..and prove to the world that upon becoming master masons, you have become better men! Make us proud!

  2. Brod Vic Gene and Belli….

    You could read every masonic ritual there is, and discover all the works… but still would not be a Mason… being a Mason does not come from study… It is something that happens in your heart & mind when you take the degrees… Be a Mason in words as well as in deeds!

    AGAIN… My congatulations!!!

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