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Lecture No. 11 Series of 2009 – Purpose of a Lodge(0)

How many among you remember when he appeared at his Lodge for that degree he was asked some questions by the Marshal and one of the questions was: “Do you seriously declare upon your honor, before these gentlemen, that you are prompted to solicit the privileges of Masonry, by a favorable opinion conceived of the institution, a desire of knowledge, and a sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures?” A desire of knowledge – did that stick in your mind? Did you expect to learn that what Masonry had to teach was a well-founded expectation?

Lecture No. 02 Series of 2009 – The Ancient Charges(0)

These Charges, including the original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are extracted directly from the Ancient Constitutions published in 1723, and adopted by most Grand Lodges throughout the world.

Lecture No. 01 Series of 2009 – Balloting of Candidates(0)

The ballot, my brother, is inviolably secret, and you are cautioned that to discuss or make known your ballot is one of the greatest of Masonic offenses. The ballot is never the proper place to exhibit petty spite toward any individual within or without the lodge, and the ceremony attending the casting of a ballot is equivalent to a sacred promise to cast it in accordance with your obligation.

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