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Boyz 2 Men – Operation Tuli

March 2014 Stated Meeting

2012 Newly Raised Frankies

Presenting the newly obligated brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 namely: Col. Albert Magno, Dr. Arphisol Galgana, Major Rico Catubay, Dennis Lim & Eric Chan. Welcome to the Craft my dear Frankies!

Inaugural Address of Worshipful Master Kristoffer Giovanni Llacuna

MW Avelino I. Razon, Jr., Past Grand Master for 2010, our Special Guest; RW Santiago T. Gabionza, Jr., Deputy Grand Master, our Guest of Honor and Speaker; VW Silverio R. Garing, District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District NCR-E; VW Beda Epres and VW Omar Equiza, District Grand Lecturers; WB Roberto B. Fajardo, our Grand Lodge Inspector;Dignitaries on the Floor, VW Sirs, W Sirs, Brethren from this and foreign jurisdictions – Brethren from Lodge Perla del Oriente No. 1034,Family and Friends of Masons, Good Evening!

On behalf of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, I would like to thank you all for sharing your time with us tonight to witness the 5th Public Installation of the Elected and Appointed Officers of this Lodge for the ensuing Masonic Year 2012.

My profound gratitude also goes to an excellent Installing team, VW Alexander B. Madamba, VW Edgardo S. Delmo and WB Elmer D. Garcia. Thank you very much Sirs! I must also thank VW Rommel Roxas for delivering the tribute to the flag and VW Alan Bontuyan, our musical director. Thank you Sirs!

Four years ago, three young men eagerly knocked at the proverbial door of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge, U.D. It was then under dispensation. These three men were to be the first regular members of this lodge before it was granted a charter and given its number. They were Bro. George Brian Ong, Bro. Edisson Somera, and the other one, now speaking before you, as Master of the Lodge, but admittedly, still an Entered Apprentice Mason of Life.

I first came to know about Freemasonry during my childhood days in the Province of Catanduanes when I saw and later knew the Brethren of Catanduanes Island Lodge No. 291 in a parade. At that time, I thought it funny to see well-respected men in our society proudly wearing their aprons while they stride around our little town. It was not until working at the Abejo & Partners Law Offices when my interest in Freemasonry started to grow. My former Boss, Atty. Tim Abejo, is a fine cut of a man and the one I looked up to up to this day. He is a freemason, and so is his father VW Joe Abejo. Both are Past Masters of Lodge Perla del Oriente No. 1034 of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Thank you for coming tonight dear sirs!

But it was not until I joined COMELEC when I decided to petition for membership in the Ancient Craft. I am forever grateful to the Lucman Clan of Masons for paving the way for me. Will the Lucman Clan of Masons please stand up?! That includes you WB Willy Baltazar. Sila po ang mga may kasalanan kung bakit mason ako ngayon! Once inside the lodge room and desiring further light, I was very fortunate to have been mentored and guided in the ways of the Craft by VW Tonet Tuazon, VW Ike Arribas, VW Tony Zeta, VW Sammy Laus, VW Boyet Delmo, VW Walter Lagadan, VW Waidah Lucman, VW Fahad Lucman, VW Alex Madamba, VW Rogelio Jamero II, VW Allan Bontuyan, VW Ronald Fabian, WB Eric Sagario, WB Elmer Garcia, WB Francis Blanco, WB Boyong Garcia, WB Jojo Fajardo, WB Robert Sing, Bro. Jason Mamenta, Bro. Danny Dizon and Bro. Zidney Zamora. Sa dami nilang yan, sino ba naman ang hindi matututo?! Maraming salamat po sa inyo mga Kuyang!

Our lodge theme for this ensuing masonic year is “Fostering Lasting Friendship through Openness & Tolerance.” As Harmony is the strength and support of all societies, especially of ours, openness and tolerance are indispensable ingredients if we are to have harmony and move our lodge into greater heights.

Of course there are instances when a lodge suffers from confusion in the temple. Fortunately, these instances arise from the brethren’s varying views on the ways to reach the same destination. You will of course agree with me when I say that we want all the best for our lodge.

Don’t get me wrong brethren. Openness and Tolerance do not mean that we will be open to nonsense ideas and tolerate wrongdoings. It simply means that instead of allowing in ourselves that natural tendency to resist acting on better ideas from other brethren, we have to move our muscles in the accomplishment of those ideas which are beneficial to the lodge.

Openness and Tolerance – these are what I expect from you during my term and what you would likewise get from me. These are the very same virtues which we have extended to and were extended to us by WM Robert Sing during his term and I expect nothing less from you.

Di nga ba we have tolerated his ways of doing charity tirelessly that we find ourselves waking early in the morning of weekends to conduct humanitarian service to near or far-flung areas instead of resting at home on saturdays or reporting for work?

Di nga ba we have tolerated his ambitious dream of having our own temple that we find ourselves spending our hard earned money for our charity works instead of using the lodge fund so that our temple fund would not be reduced and only continue to increase?

Let me tell you that our Immediate Past Master has also extended us his openness when one day, I told him in no vague terms to suffer the wrath of the “Atengs” & Kids when he floated to me the idea of and insisted on having charity work on two consecutive days, on a saturday and sunday. He immediately cancelled that plan and flinched. Alas! On that fateful day, the WM conceded to the words of his SW.

You see, my brethren, openness and tolerance can have productive results. Self-interests, personal whims and caprices are its anti-thesis. If we are to be called real masons, then we must adhere to that masonic phrase we often hear, “we masons are a sacred band, or society of friends and brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist but noble contention, or rather emulation, of who best can work and best agree.”

Yes, my brethren, as master masons we are on the level. But for this year alone and this year only, let me claim that I am your primus inter pares or first among equals. After all, you have chosen me to lead with a resounding mandate. Let it be so. For in the words of one PGM, “clearly there must be subordination in every human institution, there must be superiors, equals and inferiors therein. Some must, of necessity, rule and teach, while others must of course, learn to submit and obey.”

For this masonic year, Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 will focus on two things.

irst, we will endeavor to conduct instruction sessions on the proper conduct of degree works that would enhance our skills in the floor works – that all masons in this jurisdiction will know that whenever there is a Horton Mason visiting or invited in their lodge, he is a brother whom everyone can rely on whenever called upon to participate in the floor works in the ritual.

Second, we will endeavor to continue what our IPM and our PMs have done – doing Charity Works. We must not forget that there are orphans, pupils, burned and crippled children and aged who are counting on us, as we have promised to return.

These are the two major tasks that I intend to accomplish this year, my brethren, and I do hope that you all come aboard.

Before I end my speech, I would like to introduce to you my mother who came all the way from Catanduanes to see her first born be installed as Master of the Lodge. Mom, these men wearing aprons are my brothers. They are good, better and upright men. Thank you, Mom for not standing in the way when I chose to become a better man, a mason. You see, my brethren, when I first told my mom that I would join freemasonry, I was afraid that her first reaction would be to vehemently say no. I would have understood her since we come from a family of devote catholics who have a notion that masons are atheists and worst, anti-Christ. I was an altar boy for God’s sake! In our province, when one decides to join the masons, the church would call on the family of the one joining to prevail upon their sons or husbands from joining the Craft. My mom, on the contrary, never prevailed on me. She only said no but in the lowest tone of voice and never really lifted a finger to stop me. Thank you Mom for not giving me a hard time.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I forget to thank my lady, my fiancée, who stood behind me in my masonic journey. Thank you very much, Abby, for your understanding and for your sacrifices, for the times you have to endure going home alone because of my masonic functions, for the times you have to stay at home on cancelled dates because I was needed by my brethren elsewhere, for all the times that you felt that I chose masonry over you. Truly a Mason’s Lady, she knew too well that masonry is my life…and still she agreed to be my wife!

To the wives of my brother masons, thank you very much for understanding your husband masons. Your husbands belong to a different breed of men…better and truer men. And in their masonic journey, no matter how many jewels have been put around their necks, you are your husband’s most precious stone. You are his diamond.

Once again, thank you all for coming tonight. Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

5th Public Installation Ceremonies

The brethren posing with the Outgoing Master before Installation proper.

Installation proper with Bros. VW Alex Madamba sa Installing Officer, VW Edgardo Delmo as Master of Ceremonies and WB Elmer Garcia as Assistant Master of Ceremonies.

Newly Installed Worshipful Master Kristoffer Giovanni Llacuna looking well in the East.

The Lights of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge with the Immediate Past Master.

The newly installed elected and appointed officers of the Lodge.

The beautiful and charming Atengs of the brethren of Lodge 379.

Wherein we find a part for refreshment and repose: the brethen enjoying themselves in fellowship after the ceremonies.

The brethren and Masons of Frank Reed Horton!