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Medical and Dental Mission in Balanga, Bataan

The Brethren and Friends

Right: Tony Dimaano and WB Walter Lagadan PM.

Kuyang Bong Magkasi, Brian Ong and MW Jaime Gonzales PGM

Left: Doctors hard at work | Right: VW Marcelino Cruz and Jose Illenberger.

Kuyangs Dr. Ferdie Limchangco & WB Melito Villar, Jr. of Dapitan Lodge

The Staff and Crew of Eureka Manpower Corporation with WM Sammy Laus, Ateng and Family.

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge Subic Family Outing 2009

The brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 took a well deserved summer break with family in Subic, Zambalez. Cammaraderie and Fellowship was the order of that day and was made all the more special because it was also the eve of Ateng Cherry’s birthday! The resourceful Entered Apprentice Masons Col. Belli Tamayo and Jose Illenberger had to buy a birthday cake late at night in Olongapo City at the behest of Worshipful Master Sammy Laus and at exactly midnight presented it to the surprised Ateng to the merriment of everyone especially the birthday celebrant.