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  1. What was your question brother Gerry? Pls forgive the delay on the response we don’t monitor this website on a daily basis. For an immediate response please like us on facebook.

  2. gerry musa jr says:

    Hi Bro Adm. I wrote a message days ago. May i know what happen to it. I think i need a courtesy response as a mason ifit was proper. Thanks

  3. gerry c. musa jr lodge Alpha 970 UGL NSW and ACT says:

    Brethren, nice to know that LFS is extended and practiced
    Through brotherly, relief, and truth. Cheers and may
    The Most High always with us.

  4. Happy to meet dear brother. Please visit our lodge when you back in the old country.

  5. Bro Joel Ligutom says:

    Brothers,it’s good to visit this website again.I am a fullpledged APO member from GAMMA Chapter(Silliman University)Batch 94-A.Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason,Widow’s Son Lodge #1,New Haven,CT,U.S.A.Congratulations again,my Good Brothers,for a job well,well done on this website.I would loved to visit your lodge in the future. GAOTU Bless!!!

    Bro Joel Ligutom
    GAMMA Chapter 94-A
    Widow’s Son Lodge #1-MWPHGL of CT,U.S.A.

  6. Happy to meet dear brother. Please visit our lodge when you back in the old country.

  7. you can only apply for membership at one lodge. you cannot re-apply to another lodge if you get rejected but can re-apply with the same lodge. It will take atleast 6 months to a year for reconsideration.

  8. suppose you were rejected for membership how long would it take to re apply for membership.
    can you apply in a different lodge!?

  9. Brothers,job well done on this website.I am a full pledged APO from Gamma Chapter-94A.Am currently on my FC degree this Feb 9,’15 here in Connecticut under the MWPHL of CT,USA.
    Fraternally yours,

    Bro Joel
    GAMMA Chapter,94A

  10. reply sent via email.

  11. anton gavino-apo94 1300 says:

    Good day brothers,where can I visit to apply to be one?

  12. Hello Miss Marilou, We will pass along your inquiry to Mabuhay Shriners.

  13. Marilou C. Sombilon says:

    I just want to know if Shiners Philippines do some philantrophic act for children with rare diseases…?
    i had a 4 y.o.daughter with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Disease and I am asking for funding/sponsorship for further evaluation of her condition. we live in the remote part of Iloilo Provine and it is my desire to gain assistance from your good organization in behalf of my daughter. she can’t stand nor walk and she is wheelchair bound.
    i am hoping to hear from your good Admins.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi Mark, if you are interested to join you are very much welcome. Petition period is once a month, you have to report by 5PM every first tuesday of the month for atleast 10 to 12 months before you can be balloted for membership. There is a petition fee of 19k which will be returned to you if dont get accepted. Once you are a member, there is a yearly membership due of around 3500. You have to be a Man no less than 21 years old, of good reputation, must believe in the afterlife and God. If you think this is you, then you are welcome to knock on the doors of freemasonry. For more info visit this webpage:

  15. Mark D. Quejado says:

    Mark D. Quejado, 0906-01-32832 knocking at F&AM door. Thank you

  16. Greetings my Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega,

    I am Brod. Andrew B. Labating from Zeta Chi Chapter (West Visayas State University 06-22) 0622-34445-2002. I came across the website and would like to give my warmest regards to you dear brothers. May we always be!

  17. Christopher Jayson Paggao says:


    I am also an APHIO 0302-04-38670, I would like to be a petitioner for FRHM Lodge and enter the world of freemasonry like our APHIO founder and other brothers in APHIO if permitted, Im currently onboard a merchant Vessel and will be in Phil. this July 2014. would like also to ask if the Lodge is only for those who are working and residing in Manila?

    Tnx and brgds,
    Ch. Officer Christopher Paggao
    Gamma Beta Chapter

  18. Erik Catada says:

    Fraternal greetings mga Kuyang, hoping to attend your meeting in May 2014.


    Erik Catada
    Lodge Horizons 1032
    Sydney Australia
    “I’am what I’am”

  19. Erik Catada says:

    Fraternal greetings mga Kuyang

  20. Greetings brothers,
    I am Ranal Young ,Past Master of Plainville Masonic Lodge #364 under the jurisdiction of the
    Grand Lodge of Georgia, United States.
    I found your site on the internet because i didn’t know there was two shrine temples in the Phillipines, i am also a Shriner, Past President of Echota Vann Shrine club in Calhoun ,Georgia,
    under the jurisdiction of Yaarab Shrine of Atlanta, Georgia,

  21. Fraternal Greetings Brothers Sirs,
    Allow me to introduce my self, I am LT AL-HAFIDZ T BIH Philippine Coast Guard, APO Member from AMA TAGUIG PET. CHAPTER with ID # PC019-08-42785, currently assigned in one of the BFAR Vessels being manned by the PCG. I am willing and if permitted would like to be a petitioner, and would appreciate much if you can give me advises on what to do, and things to adhere to in order for me to have the opportunity to be one of your petitioner. Hoping to read from you soon. Thank you very much and God Bless!

  22. Fraternal greetings mga bro…

    I had the same situation as bro. Capt. Winston lantajo,,, seaman by profession…
    Very much interested sa pagpasok s mundo ng freemasonry thru FRHML..

    APOlly yours,
    Mervin Tapan

  23. Arkhe Garcia says:

    Congratulations brethren. Hoping that one of these days I can attend your stated meeting. May we always be…

    Bro. Arkhemedes C. Garcia
    Daet Lodge No. 247
    “On the Level”

  24. shervin Bagaoisan says:

    I am Shervin C. Bagaoisan 28years old, from Alpha Epsilon Chapter id no. 0105-05-38770, willing to continue and willing to join the Freemason. Please help me brod’s. Im leaving now in san mateo rizal area. May we always be.

  25. thony horton says:

    alameda lodge#167 F&AM fremont,ca./eta tau chapter,86-b…..3distinct knocks in ur door,apong pinaghirapan,apong mamahalin!

  26. WB Manuel M. Mateo says:

    I’m a an APO/MASON visiting Philippines and would like to visit and attend any masonic activities of your lodge. My mother lodge is Friendship Lodge #210, San Jose CA Grand Lodge of California. I am a 1996 Past Master of our lodge.
    On the APO side, I am Batch 1969, #2771 of Alpha Theta Chapter (Lyceum of the Philippines, Intramuros Manila).
    On behalf of Friendship Lodge #210, fraternal greetings is extended to all the members and the lodge in General.
    Please inform me of your schedule and I am masonically interested to witness your degree work.
    Manuel M. Mateo ’96 PM
    Friendship Lodge #210
    San Jose CA GLC

  27. Bro albert a riparip says:

    Mga kuyang na brod sana isang araw maka attend ako ng stated meeting nyo para makilala ko naman kayo lalo na yong mga gaya kong APOmason tnx

  28. Hello, if you are ready to knock on the doors of freemasonry and via Horton lodge in particular, please text us at this number: 09285200259

  29. Joannes Orozco Ablog says:

    Good day.

    I’m really interested to join the Masonry. I have a lot of friends in the Rotary of District 3780. I wish that I could also join them and have fellowship with you.

    May I know what should I do to enter into the Masonry?

    I have searched the internet, and I would like to knock at Horton Lodge.

    Thank you very much.

  30. Hello, if you are ready to knock on the doors of freemasonry and via this lodge in particular, please text us at this number: 09285200259

  31. Hi, Im interested to join Masonry, I asked a brod from AphiO who is now also a Mason as on how to be one. Im currently residing in Paranaque, he suggests this lodge in particular. How can I be 1?

    Many Thanks,


  32. good day im asking to any one in how to join in your group even im working here in uae thanks

  33. I might be wrong but i think there are no lodges in UAE. If you want to join our lodge, you have to be physically located and working in metro manila to qualify.

  34. good day im asking to any one in how to join in your group is it possible kahit nandito ko s dubai uae

  35. Thank you kuya. Regards to you as well.

  36. If we are to be traditionally strict about it, you may not. But it wont hurt to try.

  37. Thank you kuya. We learned from the best, ILM, SJC and Saigon!

  38. Thank you for visiting. You know where to find us when you are ready to knock on the doors of Freemasonry.

  39. Thanks! Your website is also very nice, Kuya. Greetings to the brethren of Nilad Lodge #12.

  40. Fraternal greetings mga kuyang.
    Congratulations sa inyo. Ang ganda ng pagkagawa ng inyong website.
    I find the lectures very informative.

    allan sobrepeña
    nilad ::12

  41. Hello Everyone,

    Congrats for having this kind of website.
    It is very interesting.

    Hope to join you guys someday :)

  42. billy abogadie y fanio II says:


    I would like to become a member of Masonry but i don’t know how to joined shall i go directly in Scottish Temple in Manila, .

    I m a member of Alpha Phi Omega 95c from Alpha Chapter pls. kindly send an email for all the info so i can joined thank you.

    95C-27509-3 Alpha

  43. You know where to find us when you are ready bro.

  44. Billy Fanio says:

    Im Billy Abogadie II y Fanio a fullpledge member of the Alpha Phi Omega from Alpha Chapter batch 95C and graduate at the Far Eastern University Manila, Philippines i just want to join the Masonry long time ago but unfortunately i dont have any .

  45. ding lobaton says:

    page is just perfect to all those who would “knock on our doors”
    all the best!

    brod dinglo

  46. You may knock at the doors of freemasonry when at port. However since you are regularly be out of the country your journey towards becoming a mason will be longer than usual. Please contact us when you are ready.

  47. Capt. Winston V. Lantajo says:

    Fraternal Greetings!!!!!

    I am presently on board foreign going merchant vessel and I’m an APO Epsilon Nu Chap(0513-84-12468) and kindly advise me on how to become a mason if permitted.
    Thank you very much…..

    APOlly yours,

    Bro. Winston V. Lantajo
    Epsilon Nu Chap (84-A)

  48. Gilbert M. Okan says:

    I’m an APO member, I have read books by MASONS such the “Hiram Key”, “Second Messiah”, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” that familiarize me a little of Masonry. Icut my left forefinger in an accident, would I still qualify to be a member?

  49. gary gonzales says:

    fraternal greeting to all frankies… regards bro jose illenberger…

  50. leo lt de castro says:

    fraternal greetings kuya!!

    i am an APO (2300 90 18003) & scheduled to be raised to the sublime degree very soon (Nov. 12) at Kalilayan Lodge No.37. my question is … how may i join the Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 if permitted?! please advise!!! thank you kuya!!!

  51. If you are interested in becoming a mason, please join us this coming November Stated Meeting, November 8, 2011, 5 PM at Capitol Masonic Temple, Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City. You may text our lodge secretary to confirm your attendance at this number: 09285200259

  52. Greetings,

    I am a firm believer of Leadership, Friendship and Service principles as molded by Brother Frank Reed Horton and i do seek your guidance for the next step to become one of you…

    Brod. Billy Dorol
    SIGMA Chapter batch ’01
    ID No. 35558

  53. Greetings Brothers,
    From Maiden 592, NC [USA}
    Our Stated Communications are: Second Monday 7:30 pm.
    When in the Southeast of USA, Please visit us.

  54. Dominic Carpio says:

    Fraternal greetings, to the members and brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge. kumusta kuyan Eric Tan.

    Dominic Carpio
    Coronado Lodge #441
    529 Coronado Ave
    Coronado, C 92118

  55. Manny M Mateo says:

    Fraternal greeting is extended to Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge and its’ corp of officers from Friendship Lodge #210 members and officers San Jose California.

    Alpha Theta Chapter

    1996 Past Master and Life Member of my only lodge.

  56. Hello Joel. The term APO Mason is an informal one. To become as mason, Ask 1 to be 1. Please see this page:

  57. happy 116th birth anniversary to our namesake (17 July @Pa., USA), Dr. Frank Reed Horton!

  58. good job apo/mason……..0206-2003-39608

  59. Robert Garay says:

    Nicely done Brethren! I love your lodge coat of arms perfect design!

    Bro. Robert Garay
    Order of De Molay – Baguio Lodge No. 67
    Alpha Phi Omega – Gamma Sigma
    New Zealand Pacific Lodge # 2

  60. Joel Aliangan Puerto says:

    please count me in, in your lodge…PM me the requirements to be an APO MASON, PLEASE? epsilon alpha chapter,university of cebu, batch 93-B.

  61. Joel Aliangan Puerto says:

    HAIL hortonians! May we always be at the world of MASONRY!

  62. francis ian carlo tabares says:

    congrats apo mason…

  63. Hello Whammos,

    Contact the nearest lodge from where you work or live. If you are in Manila, you can petition with our lodge. To know more about the requirements please visit this page:

  64. Just dropping by to say hello to all bretheren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge as I browse the internet.

    Regards to everyone whithersoever dispersed.


  65. Good day brother sir,

    I just really want to be part of FRHML, it so happened that i am not in the Philippines. I even send a message thru their website the Qatar Military Lodge #210 but up to now i don’t received any reply yet. What are those requirements? so that at least i have idea that i may not be qualified.


  66. Jay, ofcourse.

  67. Is this open membership even to those who are not APO?

  68. AGA-KHAN S. LUCMAN says:

    good evening,,, mga KUYANG

  69. Brethren of FRHML 379,

    Warm fraternal greetings and happy holidays!

    MWAB…on the level,

    Bro. Mike Lim
    Jr Past Master, Granada Hills 378, F&AM of California
    Senior Warden, San Fernando y San Juan Council 105, Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA
    Member, Southern California Research Lodge 1005, F&AM of California
    Member, San Fernando Valley York Rite Bodies, York Rite Bodies of California

    APO Zeta Iota ’93B

  70. AGA-KHAN S. LUCMAN says:

    mga kuyang, assalamu alaikum…. LAKE LANAO LODGE No.227, marawi city

  71. nomer canlas says:

    nice work bro admin/brethren of FRHML

    great time browsing over fotos en txts

    keep up the impressive work!

    May We Always Be…

    bro. nomer c.
    ILM #5

  72. Jham Jamero II says:

    Mga Kuyang!

    Greetings to all! and Merry Christmas to all!

    Till we meet again… on the Level..and may we always be!

    Maribulan :: 304-PM,GLI
    Dadiangas :: 225
    FRHML:: 379
    Order of the Amaranth-Past R0yal Patron
    Scoutish Rites,MRS
    Mabuhay Shriners
    Alpha Chapter Alumni Association-Pres (2008-2010)
    APO-ASAP(Alumni of Sara. Prov) Organizer
    APO PAlanyag- Organizer

  73. Marlon R. Barce says:


    May I join this Lodge even i’m based outside the Phil ??



  74. ELMER L. AQUINO says:

    Fratenal greetings to all of you brehren

  75. Very nice website. Congratulations to the brethrens of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 MWGLP. Good job mga kuyangs..

    Roderick T Padual
    Gov. Luis Olimpo Ferrer Sr. Memorial Lodge No. 366 MWGLP
    Masonic District 4A2 (Gen Trias, Cavite)

  76. Redeem Sumicad says:

    Greetings Bretheren – it is so nice to see men who took similar paths… I hope to visit with you when I visit this fall.
    Redeem Sumicad
    Jackson Lodge #48 A.F&A.M, Wyoming
    Dela Kappa 82-B

  77. Rhadyno Cayman says:

    Fraternal Greetings ….

    Hoping to meet AGAIN…..Together Brethren…..

  78. gary gonzales says:

    fraternal regards to all brethren of FRHML #379 and congratulations for having a nice website. Keep up the good work kuyangs… GO LFS.

    bro gary p. gonzales
    meridian lodge #268, R III-B, MWGLP
    western luzon bodies, AASR

  79. Fraternal Greetings,

    I’m a member of LFS and would like to know more about FRHML, requirements and expectations from members.


  80. Alvin Michael Siao Lim says:

    Good Day Brethren,

    very nice website. nice meeting with you bro. brian ong if your in cebu just text me. hope you could also attend our stated meeting.

    Datu Lapu Lapu Lodge No. 347 Free and Accepted Masons
    Cebu Bodies of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
    Sugbu Chapter No. 11 Royal Arch Mason
    Sugbu Chapter No. 12 Royal and Select Mason
    Alpha Kappa Rho “Batch 94” – Datu Lapu Lapu Lodge No. 347 Free and Accepted Masons
    Grand Lodge of the Philippines –
    Scottish Rite – and
    York Rite –

  81. Hello mga kuyangs.. Nice Informative Site..

    Good Work!!!

    Bro Mykz
    Isagani Logde #96 F&AM
    Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity

  82. Hello Phil, we are not here to promote LFS but to continue it towards Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. =)

  83. E.C.Pasana says:


    Please email me your requirements. I am eager to join your lodge. Thanks..

  84. Phil 16122 UMALI says:

    Congratulations to the members and brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge for creating this website and promote Leadership Friendship and Service. WALCY

  85. Romeuel Medina says:

    Fraternal Greetings!

    CONGRATS mga kuyang to your nice website… more power & keep up the good work!!!

    May we always be… On the Level…

    Bro. Romeuel “Tata” Medina
    Ma-Bu-Ti Lodge #329

  86. brod. jong sencio says:

    fraternal greetings!!!

    nice site and congratulations on your installation mga kuyang!!!

    brod. jong sencio
    Park Lodge 516
    4th manhattan district, GLNY

  87. Hail Brethrens of the Orients…

    Join our Masonic-Illuminati Brotherhood..


  88. @Nick, kilala mo si Bro. Ardy Abaya, Charter ng La Naval? APO-Mason din yun from Eta Chapter.

  89. Good day, excellent site , im an apo mason epsilon 91A, La Naval 269 MWGLP,
    May GAOTU bless us all regular master masons…
    May we always be…

  90. Hi Sir,

    Great site po. Very nice seal. APO din po ako and very much interested in joining a lodge.
    May I know the requirements in joining and the schedule of fees?
    Happy anniversary nga po pala.

    May we always be.


  92. Very nice easy to navigate around site. Fraternal greeting’s to your WM and brethern. From all the Brethern at Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223.Please feel free to visit our site and leave your comments in our guestbook. If you would like to exchange link’s. Please email me your Lodge Crest or logo and i will be happy to exchange

  93. Congratulations to the Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, nice website.

    Bro. Ian Gonzales
    Saigon Lodge #188, MWGLP
    SFS Tau Gamma Phi ’94
    Northeast Triskelion Inc.- NY, USA

  94. Daniel A. Razon, M.D. says:

    Mga kuyang, please include me in the e group of FRHML#379

  95. Brethren, Congrats!!! Happy New Year!!!

  96. Congratulations to the brethren of FRHML#379 for a very well-crafted website!

    Kudos to the Admin!

    Fraternal regards,

    Bro. Ivan R. Galarosa
    Quezon City Lodge No. 122, F. & A.M.

  97. Paul Babalcon says:

    Sir, I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, I am interested in joining your lodge.

  98. Arkhe Garcia- 0215-00A-30902 says:

    mga kapatid, can i have an estimated cost of how much joining involves. Tagal ko na kasi gusto simula nung mabasa ko na mason din si founder. Thanks

  99. Great website Admin… Congrats

  100. HENRY T. PANGILINAN says:

    Nice website! Congrats to the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge

    Magdiwang :: no. 238, MWGLP
    Noveleta, Cavite
    Alpha 76 G

  101. Brethren all!

    Fraternal greetings!
    Congratulations, job well done having a website this good.
    With regards to the decal, kumpletos recados, may 12 jewels, 3 cardinals ang four folds ang galing mga kapatid wala akong masabi kundi wow and fantastic.

    Bro/kuya Buddy Bernolo
    Gamma Eta batch 83 B
    Gen. Llanera Mem. Lodge # 168
    Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

  102. francis bue says:

    congrats to all brethens! 0113-94b-22096

  103. try mo din dito:

  104. Thank you kuyang for the link. Maganda at nakaka-aliw din basahin ang website ng model lodge.

  105. greeting from model lodge mga kuyang! we have linked you in our blog.


  106. hello jeff, try this link:



  108. Hello Jeff, 2 be 1 ask 1. If you are interested to join freemasonry, please approach any mason and ask to join. If you are specifically interested to jon our lodge, please visit us this coming October 6,2009, 6 PM at Capitol Masonic Temple, in Quezon City. Malapit lang sia sa likod ng Quezon City Hall.

  109. jefferson delos santos says:

    good day im asking to any one in how to join in your group i was living in sibic zamales kindly send me a mail here

  110. jefferson delos santos says:

    id like to join in you group im asking how can i join to your group

  111. magandang umga brethren and members of frank reed horton mem lodge 379. sana walang masyadong nasalanta nung nakaraang bagyo! Stay safe. god bless!

  112. congratulations and mabuhay sa lahat ng kapatid sa frank reed horton lodge…




  114. Congratulations to our newly raised brethren, Brothers Eric Lagrisola and Nestor Mendoza from Okinawa Lodge No. 118, Okinawa, Japan.

  115. nice & very well crafted website brethren ,C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!! especially to the 3 LIGHTS & other Officers ! May we always be !

  116. my sincerest greetings to the brethren of FRHML!

    kuyang ding lobaton ILM#5

  117. Lance Miranda says:

    Congartulations Brethren of Frank Reed Horton 379! Your website is great!

    Her. Lance Miranda
    Logia San Juan De Bautista
    Sovereign Grand Lodge of Brazilia
    Rite of the Ancient Adoption

  118. Bro. Jefferson Uy says:

    congratulations to the members and brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 for this very informative web site

    From all the Brethren of;
    Balintawak Lodge No. 28
    MWGLP F.& A.M.
    Gumaca, Quezon

  119. Warm fraternal regards to the officers and members of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379. Indeed, this is another milestone for the brethren who laboured hard to inspire the young blood from one of the most sought after greek fraternity, that after the collegiate years, there is life to pursue in the Oldest and Most Ancient honorable craft of Freemasonry. Your lives my brethren are now living testimonies that these lads from the same greek fraternity as yours will persevere more to become ONE of US in the ancient craft.

    On behalf of the principal officers of Talavera Lodge 273, Bro. JW Joel de Mesa (SRB), Bro. SW Jewel Manzano (APO), WM Hilario Ortiz (APO) and the immediate Past Master WB Marcelino Driza (APO) and the other officers and members of our lodge, CONGRATULATIONS to you.

    May this website continue to serve its purpose of becoming a vehicle of information on what FREEMASONRY really does BEST… MAKING GOOD MEN BETTER!

    Bro. Ian G. Carganillo
    Talavera Lodge No. 273
    Masonic District R3-D
    Nueva Ecija (South)
    Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines

  120. Euphorio Santarina says:

    Congratulations and Mabuhay! XI Chapter, 2005

  121. Fraternal greetings from the brethren of Malinaw Lodge No.25 FAM (Under the Jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines) Congratulations for making this fantastic and informative website. This website is truly a work of art. Well done brethren,well done!

  122. Allen Calderon says:

    Congratulations to all the brethren of frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge… very nice site…. keep it up!!! ….. Bro. Allen Calderon.. Norberto S. Amoranto lodge #358

  123. Bro.Gal Waja says:

    fraternal greetings my brethren, congratulations.. Bro.Gal Waja, Cosmos Lodge # 8

  124. Jason Garcia says:

    Congratulations brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379. Your website is very well presented. Good job mga Kuyang! – Bro. Jason Garcia, Mandaluyong City Lodge No. 277

  125. Bro Jim Bantolo says:

    Congratulations. May brotherly love prevail and harmony strengthen Philippine Masonry

    Bro Jim

  126. Fraternal greetings in behalf of the Master and brethren of Granada Hills Lodge 378 under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F&AM of the State of California.

    On the level,
    Bro. Mike Lim

  127. Congratulations!!! Continue doing good deeds…

  128. Congratulations to the Officers and Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, for putting up this wonderful website. In the era of technological advances, our respective Lodge websites now becomes our virtual tool that connects us withersoever dispersed. May your website inspire other lodges to set-up their own.

    We have linked your website in our Lodge’s website.

    Mabuhay and G Bless!

    Bro. Cris M. GAERLAN
    Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305
    Masonic District NCR-A, SRT, Manila
    MW Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Phils.

  129. David Gabriel says:

    Congratulations brethren, for the energized and fulfilling achievements for a short span of time. Keep up the great work and salutations on your website. Its nicely done.

  130. Marlon R. Barce says:

    Congrats to the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge…

    “May We Always Be”
    “On The Level”

  131. Congratulations! wonderful webiste may we always be…

    Bro Noel R. Loyola
    Andres Bonifacio Lodge No. 199

  132. Venancio I Cuvin says:

    Maligayang bati sa mga kapatid ng Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge.

  133. Fraternal greetings to the brethrens of Frank Reed Horton Lodge. Good job on the website.
    Bro Chris S.

  134. Bro Jun Bitor says:

    Nice website, on behalf of the brethren of Salug Valley Lodge No. 216 F. & A.M. we wish to congratulate the framers of this site and the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge …keep up the good works….SAIL ON.

  135. Nice site. My congratulations and warm fraternal greetings to the Master and Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 You can find your website listed among other Filipino Masonic lodges at Katipunan ng mga Mason,

    Hanford Lodge No. 279 (GLofCA)

  136. grace mendoza says:

    congratulations to the new member of the frank reed horton namely kuyang belli tamayo, vic tariao, and kuya gene. And to all members and brethren of the frank reed horton.Congratulation to your new website. keep up the good work mga kuyang!!!!

  137. nice work brother admin. Keep it up…

  138. Erwin Verzosa says:

    Congratulations to the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge..!

  139. congratulations to the members and brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge…

  140. nice work brother admin.

  141. Hello brethren please leave your comments, messages and suggestions here!

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