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  1. yes you may join. it will take longer compared to others but if you are willing then go for it.

  2. Hi, I am a Freemason from Dalby United Lodge 180 Dalby, Queensland, Australia. A few members of our lodge are thinking about doing some fraternal visits to different lodges. It seems difficult to get contact details for lodges in the Philippines. If you people are interested in having brethren from other countries visit may I have an email address to discuss this please.

  3. nabasa ko po sa website nyo requirements to become a freemason magkano po budget sa petition fee?

  4. I’m Filipino but working as a seaman
    Asking if possibility to be a member?
    Living in Manila area

  5. Hello!
    I have a plan to visit the lodge next month and I really want to become a Freemason.
    I hope to see you there, It’s my honor to meet the builders.


  6. Hi,

    I would like to join the Freemasonry

    Thank you,

  7. You need to be based and working in Manila to join our lodge. Contact us when you are back in the old country.

  8. Welkin Valencia says:

    Hello there!!! I am Welkin Valencia Alpha Sigma chap and I am now living in Macau SAR. Can I join?

  9. What was your question brother Gerry? Pls forgive the delay on the response we don’t monitor this website on a daily basis. For an immediate response please like us on facebook.

  10. gerry musa jr says:

    Hi Bro Adm. I wrote a message days ago. May i know what happen to it. I think i need a courtesy response as a mason ifit was proper. Thanks

  11. gerry c. musa jr lodge Alpha 970 UGL NSW and ACT says:

    Brethren, nice to know that LFS is extended and practiced
    Through brotherly, relief, and truth. Cheers and may
    The Most High always with us.

  12. Happy to meet dear brother. Please visit our lodge when you back in the old country.

  13. Bro Joel Ligutom says:

    Brothers,it’s good to visit this website again.I am a fullpledged APO member from GAMMA Chapter(Silliman University)Batch 94-A.Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason,Widow’s Son Lodge #1,New Haven,CT,U.S.A.Congratulations again,my Good Brothers,for a job well,well done on this website.I would loved to visit your lodge in the future. GAOTU Bless!!!

    Bro Joel Ligutom
    GAMMA Chapter 94-A
    Widow’s Son Lodge #1-MWPHGL of CT,U.S.A.

  14. Happy to meet dear brother. Please visit our lodge when you back in the old country.

  15. you can only apply for membership at one lodge. you cannot re-apply to another lodge if you get rejected but can re-apply with the same lodge. It will take atleast 6 months to a year for reconsideration.

  16. suppose you were rejected for membership how long would it take to re apply for membership.
    can you apply in a different lodge!?

  17. Brothers,job well done on this website.I am a full pledged APO from Gamma Chapter-94A.Am currently on my FC degree this Feb 9,’15 here in Connecticut under the MWPHL of CT,USA.
    Fraternally yours,

    Bro Joel
    GAMMA Chapter,94A

  18. reply sent via email.

  19. anton gavino-apo94 1300 says:

    Good day brothers,where can I visit to apply to be one?

  20. Hello Miss Marilou, We will pass along your inquiry to Mabuhay Shriners.

  21. Marilou C. Sombilon says:

    I just want to know if Shiners Philippines do some philantrophic act for children with rare diseases…?
    i had a 4 y.o.daughter with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Disease and I am asking for funding/sponsorship for further evaluation of her condition. we live in the remote part of Iloilo Provine and it is my desire to gain assistance from your good organization in behalf of my daughter. she can’t stand nor walk and she is wheelchair bound.
    i am hoping to hear from your good Admins.
    Thank you.

  22. Hi Mark, if you are interested to join you are very much welcome. Petition period is once a month, you have to report by 5PM every first tuesday of the month for atleast 10 to 12 months before you can be balloted for membership. There is a petition fee of 19k which will be returned to you if dont get accepted. Once you are a member, there is a yearly membership due of around 3500. You have to be a Man no less than 21 years old, of good reputation, must believe in the afterlife and God. If you think this is you, then you are welcome to knock on the doors of freemasonry. For more info visit this webpage:

  23. Mark D. Quejado says:

    Mark D. Quejado, 0906-01-32832 knocking at F&AM door. Thank you

  24. Greetings my Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega,

    I am Brod. Andrew B. Labating from Zeta Chi Chapter (West Visayas State University 06-22) 0622-34445-2002. I came across the website and would like to give my warmest regards to you dear brothers. May we always be!

  25. Christopher Jayson Paggao says:


    I am also an APHIO 0302-04-38670, I would like to be a petitioner for FRHM Lodge and enter the world of freemasonry like our APHIO founder and other brothers in APHIO if permitted, Im currently onboard a merchant Vessel and will be in Phil. this July 2014. would like also to ask if the Lodge is only for those who are working and residing in Manila?

    Tnx and brgds,
    Ch. Officer Christopher Paggao
    Gamma Beta Chapter

  26. Erik Catada says:

    Fraternal greetings mga Kuyang, hoping to attend your meeting in May 2014.


    Erik Catada
    Lodge Horizons 1032
    Sydney Australia
    “I’am what I’am”

  27. Erik Catada says:

    Fraternal greetings mga Kuyang

  28. Greetings brothers,
    I am Ranal Young ,Past Master of Plainville Masonic Lodge #364 under the jurisdiction of the
    Grand Lodge of Georgia, United States.
    I found your site on the internet because i didn’t know there was two shrine temples in the Phillipines, i am also a Shriner, Past President of Echota Vann Shrine club in Calhoun ,Georgia,
    under the jurisdiction of Yaarab Shrine of Atlanta, Georgia,

  29. Fraternal Greetings Brothers Sirs,
    Allow me to introduce my self, I am LT AL-HAFIDZ T BIH Philippine Coast Guard, APO Member from AMA TAGUIG PET. CHAPTER with ID # PC019-08-42785, currently assigned in one of the BFAR Vessels being manned by the PCG. I am willing and if permitted would like to be a petitioner, and would appreciate much if you can give me advises on what to do, and things to adhere to in order for me to have the opportunity to be one of your petitioner. Hoping to read from you soon. Thank you very much and God Bless!

  30. Fraternal greetings mga bro…

    I had the same situation as bro. Capt. Winston lantajo,,, seaman by profession…
    Very much interested sa pagpasok s mundo ng freemasonry thru FRHML..

    APOlly yours,
    Mervin Tapan

  31. Arkhe Garcia says:

    Congratulations brethren. Hoping that one of these days I can attend your stated meeting. May we always be…

    Bro. Arkhemedes C. Garcia
    Daet Lodge No. 247
    “On the Level”

  32. shervin Bagaoisan says:

    I am Shervin C. Bagaoisan 28years old, from Alpha Epsilon Chapter id no. 0105-05-38770, willing to continue and willing to join the Freemason. Please help me brod’s. Im leaving now in san mateo rizal area. May we always be.

  33. thony horton says:

    alameda lodge#167 F&AM fremont,ca./eta tau chapter,86-b…..3distinct knocks in ur door,apong pinaghirapan,apong mamahalin!

  34. WB Manuel M. Mateo says:

    I’m a an APO/MASON visiting Philippines and would like to visit and attend any masonic activities of your lodge. My mother lodge is Friendship Lodge #210, San Jose CA Grand Lodge of California. I am a 1996 Past Master of our lodge.
    On the APO side, I am Batch 1969, #2771 of Alpha Theta Chapter (Lyceum of the Philippines, Intramuros Manila).
    On behalf of Friendship Lodge #210, fraternal greetings is extended to all the members and the lodge in General.
    Please inform me of your schedule and I am masonically interested to witness your degree work.
    Manuel M. Mateo ’96 PM
    Friendship Lodge #210
    San Jose CA GLC

  35. Bro albert a riparip says:

    Mga kuyang na brod sana isang araw maka attend ako ng stated meeting nyo para makilala ko naman kayo lalo na yong mga gaya kong APOmason tnx

  36. Hello, if you are ready to knock on the doors of freemasonry and via Horton lodge in particular, please text us at this number: 09285200259

  37. Joannes Orozco Ablog says:

    Good day.

    I’m really interested to join the Masonry. I have a lot of friends in the Rotary of District 3780. I wish that I could also join them and have fellowship with you.

    May I know what should I do to enter into the Masonry?

    I have searched the internet, and I would like to knock at Horton Lodge.

    Thank you very much.

  38. Hello, if you are ready to knock on the doors of freemasonry and via this lodge in particular, please text us at this number: 09285200259

  39. Hi, Im interested to join Masonry, I asked a brod from AphiO who is now also a Mason as on how to be one. Im currently residing in Paranaque, he suggests this lodge in particular. How can I be 1?

    Many Thanks,


  40. good day im asking to any one in how to join in your group even im working here in uae thanks

  41. I might be wrong but i think there are no lodges in UAE. If you want to join our lodge, you have to be physically located and working in metro manila to qualify.

  42. good day im asking to any one in how to join in your group is it possible kahit nandito ko s dubai uae

  43. Thank you kuya. Regards to you as well.

  44. If we are to be traditionally strict about it, you may not. But it wont hurt to try.

  45. Thank you kuya. We learned from the best, ILM, SJC and Saigon!

  46. Thank you for visiting. You know where to find us when you are ready to knock on the doors of Freemasonry.

  47. Thanks! Your website is also very nice, Kuya. Greetings to the brethren of Nilad Lodge #12.

  48. Fraternal greetings mga kuyang.
    Congratulations sa inyo. Ang ganda ng pagkagawa ng inyong website.
    I find the lectures very informative.

    allan sobrepe├▒a
    nilad ::12

  49. Hello Everyone,

    Congrats for having this kind of website.
    It is very interesting.

    Hope to join you guys someday ­čÖé