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The Light Bearer(0)

The long delayed first issue of “The Lightbearer” our official lodge newsletter is now at hand and ready for distribution this coming tuesday at our July Stated Meeting. See you there brethren!

Brigada Eskwela 2014(0)

Annual Back to school project of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 at remote Saplad Elementary School in Minalin, Pampangga

Lecture No. 15 Series of 2014 – Significance of Filipino Masons in the struggle for Philippine Independence(0)

There is very little, or perhaps nothing at all, written about the Masonic life of our national heroes. Perhaps, the lodges to which they belonged have information only of the particulars of their conferral dates and the various positions they held during the tenure of their active membership. But let us look into how our national heroes, masons and non-masons alike, lived simple lives and conducted themselves to confront the crises of their times

1st Worshipful Master’s Shoot for a Cause(0)

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379’s Shoot for a cause Fundraising for this masonic year’s projects.

Horton’s 3rd Degree Conferral Costumes(0)

A Lodge Improvement Project: To help encourage the brethren to do more delivery and memorization work on their lines, WM Gene Illenberger prepared for the lodge its very first set of conferral costumes complete with kingly garb and crown. Hopefully this will be used to raise generations of Frankies in the years to come.