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Horton Lodge Baby Shower!(0)

“Strong Family Ties, Stronger Lodge.” Surprise Baby Shower for Ateng Shugar Llacuna & WB Bang Llacuna by the Frankies.

Masonic Laws governing management of Subordinate Lodges(0)

Part 1 of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379’s Masonic Education Series for MY 2014.

Lodge Mentoring Program(0)

VW Tony Zeta by request of our Worshipful Master Gene Illenberger conducted first part of a series of training for Lodge Mentors in charge of conducting ” tried and proven” lectures etc for our petitioners and candidates. The first part is orientation which will be followed by on the job training throughout the year. This is in support of MW Jun Espino’s 7 point program.

Lecture No. 13 Series of 2014 – Of Lodge Dues(0)

The payment of annual dues by a member to his Lodge is a comparatively modern custom, and one that certainly did not exist before the revival of 1717. As previous to that period, according to Preston, Lodges received no Warrants, but a sufficient number of Brethren meeting together were competent to practice the Rites of […]

Bagong Simula – A mass wedding project by Horton Lodge(0)

A Mass Wedding sponsored by Frank Reed Horton Lodge last March 4, 2014. This project underlines the importance the lodge hold’s for family. Special thanks to WB Doods Hulipas for the photos.

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