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Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Lodge No. 379, please send us your updated contact info so that the lodge would be able to inform you of upcoming events and other reminders.

Inaugural Address of Worshipful Master Jose Eugenio B. Illenberger(1)

It was during that time with my college fraternity that I learned about Freemasonry. I learned that most if not all respected alumni brods that I look up to were members of the Craft. I also later learned that the fraternity founder, an american named Frank Reed Horton was himself a mason. The organizer in the Philippines, an educator and scouting executive by the name of Librado Ureta was also a mason. Even our chapter organizers at the UP, Eliseo Clamor and Guillermo Lazaro Sr. are freemasons…I dared to ask why are so many of my fraternity brods members of the masonic organization…