Message from the Worshipful Master Roberto O. Sing

MW Sirs, RW Sirs, VW Sirs, Worshipful Sirs, Brethren and Sisters, Friends and Guests of Masons, good evening!

Kayo ang boss ko! Wrong page! Eh, kung mangongopya lang ako, e dun na sa presidente diba? Allow me to go on.

Today, I stand before you a very, very happy man. Truly, I am a bit jittery, but yes, so thankful for your company. I am overwhelmed by the presence of my treasured family, so many close friends and brothers. I find myself speechless, yet, really delighted with joy. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

I also extend my heartfelt thanks to MW Danilo D. Angeles, Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary, and to VW Alan Bontuyan, PDDGM and VW Arnel Ofendo-Reyes, Grand Organist for pampering us to be our Installing Team in today’s Installation Ceremonies. Indeed, it was a job very well done. Maraming salamat, mga Kuya.

Brethren and Guests, how about a round of warm applause for them!

To borrow the lines of Bro. Dr. Jose P. Rizal, “I do not aspire to fame or glory; I do not aim at rivaling others whose conditions, intelligence, and circumstances are different from mine”. But listen!

“Building Strong Foundations for Future Generations” shall be our Masonic Theme for this year. On this note, we will not deviate from the teachings being imparted to us by the Institute of Masonic Education and Study (IMES). The IMES people are knowledgeable in our Masonic practices and peculiarities, and recognize well what they are doing. The lessons they convey have been tried and tested by time and experience. It is my intention to require members of the Lodge to undergo seminar or orientation with the IMES, to further their knowledge in Masonry, thereby promoting our Masonic Theme by nurturing and building strong foundations in the minds of our Brethren. Believe me, it is worth the while.

Moreover, in my administration, we shall adopt the four (4) basic or fundamental phases in lodge management taught by the Institution, namely: to analyze, organize, deputize and supervise – which I think will positively guide us through.

My style of Leadership shall be of the Persuasive Type anchoring on sound planning duly executed by setting an ideal personal example, through the guidance of our Lodge Elders from whom I shall regularly seek wise counsels or advices; and, promoting teamwork through proper and effective delegation.

They say that to be a Worshipful Master is to be a Light-bearer. Readily, I have drawn up concrete plans for the Lodge, have set objectives, and will soon be issuing directives to put our plans into action.

I am confident you recognize that an effective way to manage our Lodge is to organize a ‘team’ or committees, where all can operate together for the good of the Order by sharing each other’s abilities, skills and talents.

Soon, I will be delegating certain responsibilities to particular Lodge members to lead these committees. And will have to ask them to carry on with the work while I may have to proceed to answer other concerns equally requiring my time and attention.

However, be assured that I will be personally involved in supervising all the programs of our Lodge. Allow me to lead by example. I guarantee you that I will not be the so-called armchair general we read in the papers or see in the movies.

I enjoin you, my Brethren, to motivate ourselves for the betterment of the Lodge. Let us carry our Lodge the best we could, and to keep our eyes focused in attaining the elusive reward of Harmony. Between brothers and friends, let there be no score sheet on the exchange of clean intentions, good deeds and kindness. We will apply the lesson of the Trowel by which we were taught to make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of spreading the cement of brotherly love and affection — that cement which unites us into one sacred band, or society of friends and brothers among whom no contention should ever exist but that noble contention, or rather emulation, of best can work and best agree.

We will not allow past hindrances and personal differences dampen our spirit to serve. In its place, let countless graces or blessings, happy and pleasant memories inspire us to move on, to accomplish our duties and responsibilities as Men and as Masons.

Yes, maybe once in a while, dark clouds may hover above us. However, let us remain hopeful of the assurance of more good things to come, for there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branches thereof will not cease. And remember well, my Brethren, that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! The bottom line is that we will make things happen and make things work!

Brethren, we stood and waited at the very same door, where men good and true entered before, knelt at the very same Altar as they, and were taught that Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are the principal tenets of Freemasonry. Such a wonderful set of principles indeed! But if I may add, to my mind, Brotherly Love must be constant and complete; Relief must always be warm and deep; and Truth, perfectly divine and immortal. And they are certainly all these through Charity. Even the Sacred Book states “Now abideth Faith, Hope and Charity, these three, but the greatest of these is Charity”.

Yes, it is the word “Charity “ written in a Freemason’s heart by the finger of the Creator Himself that distinguishes him from the rest of mankind.

With your assistance, I would prefer to pursue the noble contention of being of service to others, and to further promote the strong idea of working together in Unity.

One Lodge in Unity. One Dream in Charity.

The world has grown very rapidly in improving our daily lives, but looking beyond our comfort zones, we also see the serious need to be of help to our fellowmen. We must not close our eyes to the needs of others – the hungry, the naked, the orphans, the underprivileged, the underdogs, the widows, the wounded, and the other deprived sectors of society.

Yes, let us persevere to keep a-lit that candle of hope for them. Let us join and win the Battle of Benevolence. Let us all be a shinning light and an inspiration of hope to every deprived life we touch.

Let us carve deep inside us the thought — that for as long as Love lives in our hearts, for as long as goodness resides in our souls; no evil, no sadness can ever harm us, and life will always be beautiful, for our friends, neighbors, families and Masonry.

Charity is Service. Service is Charity. They are interchangeable.

The great purpose of Freemasonry, which is Service to Humanity, remind us that we are to cultivate in ourselves and others, a heated and glowing demonstration of our care for mankind — to our fellow creatures.

I strongly believe in sharing our resources with the poor. And I believe too that the practice of Charity is the pathway to something of real significance. What we love to do, of being altruistic or philanthropic, let us find time to do. Let us stop making excuses. A Mason is meant to be zealous and ardent in the performance of his duties to God, his country, his neighbor, his family, his brethren and himself.

Moreover, the purpose of our time on earth is not primarily about acquiring worldly possessions and achieving success. Life is all about Love – about loving God and Mankind. We may succeed in many areas but if we fail to love others, we have missed the reason why God created us. Let each man’s joy be joy to us and each man’s grief our own.

Truly we can make our love for mankind work and make this passion our dignified profession. Let us show the world our capacity to develop and improve our service skills which distinguishes us from other organizations.

Too often we hear the lines “In Unity there is Strength”, and I am sure you will agree that there is Wisdom in those lines. So, jointly, let us commit ourselves in moving things together, re-affirming ourselves in performing collectively, serving in unity, all for the love of Freemasonry and Mankind.

Our altruistic goals must not suffer. Instead, allow our great visions, the right stuffs within us, turn our dreams into reality through Unity. Let this commitment be the key in unlocking further the portals of Masonic love and benevolence. And may this endeavor put a distinct mark and add a stamp of approval to Masonry.

“By our acts shall Masonry be judged”. “By precept and example, we shall distinguish our conduct as men and as Masons”. Do they ring a bell? Those are the Masonic themes of MW Danilo D. Angeles PGM and MW Avelino I. Razon which are so relevant in our daily lives and current aspirations.

If we can all do these then success, contentment and self-fulfillment will surely take care of itself. Let us hang on together, embrace the opportunity to share, and seize the moment to rejoice that we care. And maybe in time, we could sincerely and proudly declare that “Here at Horton, there is not only Unity, but also Charity!!
To my ever-loving, precious and treasured wife, Yvonne, thank you for your unconditional care and support when I entered the Masonic world — for your unwavering understanding of the importance of fraternal relationship in my life.

To the fruits of our love, our dearly cherished children, Christian and Christina, thank you for inspiring me and making me believe that Love truly exists … the same affection as expressed in Freemasonry, the same warmth as seen and felt here Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, F. & A.M.

Lord, I thank you, too, for the gift of life. I also thank you for the gift of wonderful people I have met along my life’s journey. Some of them challenged, encouraged, inspired, stretched, and loved me. But all of them helped me realized how meaningful and beautiful my life is. Bless and grant them with good health, joy, peace in their hearts, security, success and wealth in their life. And Lord, please grant their deepest silent prayers too.

I pray, too, that my dream and dedication to the Lodge, and its members, be pleasing during my watch as Worshipful Master!

Brethren, it will be a great honor, a passionate desire and a pleasure to serve the Lodge. You have made me Master but instead let me be your slave. Let me be of humble service to you and the Craft. Yes, my dear Brethren, let me be accused and found guilty serving and loving you!

To our guests and friends, thank you for gracing tonight’s occasion, and do have a pleasant evening!

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  1. Congratulations Worsfhipful Sing! Perhaps we can have a joint service/charity project together. “Masonry unites men in every country, sect and opinion”.

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