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  1. Hello Jonathan, Contrary to your unsolicited opinion, Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 is not an amalgation of the two fraternities. Although a lot of our 379 brethren are APO Alumni, Make no mistake, we are not an APO Chapter or AA, but a LODGE of Master Masons under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, dedicated to the memory of Alpha Phi Omega Founder Frank Reed Horton who was an active Master Mason during his time.

  2. it is a good idea….
    more power…
    God bless APhiO..
    God bless Masonic Family…
    Strong the circle We…

  3. APhiO seal is based from Freemasons, I am an APhiO and Freemason. I know a lot of APhiO who are a mason now.

  4. Utol, i am known in the APO community as tata beto. i was initiated at PHI Chapter domiciled as Araullo Lyceum last 1965. I was ritualized on the 10th day of October, 1965 and for the past four decades I was and still an active member of the Alpha Phi Omega. During my college days, one of my bosom friend and worthy brother is Bro. Emac (a.k.a. Emmanuel Macapagal, a batch 62 of ETA) His father, the late tata Pantas Macapagal was among the oldest member of the Free Scottish Mason of Cabanatuan City. In the entire years that I am a regular visitor to their home, never have i heard from tata Pantas that the seal (emblem) of the APO is patterned after that the the MASON!!!!!
    You may be asking why I am making this comment!!!
    . alam mo utol, sa napakahabang panahong ako ay APO, walang umalingawngaw o kumalat na balintang ang sagisag ng APO ay hango o kopya lamang sa Mason.
    Bakit ngayong sikat na ang APO at napabalitang very warm ang distinctive na reception nga mga bros na nasa overseas sa mga bros na newly arrive biglang kumalat ang balitang yan???? nababalitang
    Nagtatanong lang poh tata-beto45 0021 1965 2081 LIFE

  5. Hello Alberto, That is a matter of opinion. APO Masons have been around since the late 1950s probably earlier in the United States so this has been going on for a while. It has nothing to do with APO’s new found popularity because of the recent political victory of VP Binay (who is also btw part of the masonic family being a demolay in his youth). Freemasonry by itself makes no claim on APO and vice-versa. Only those who have travelled both are privy to the truth behind these claims. I encourage you to seek more light if you are serious about your inquiries as all APO Masons brothers have done, who have gone this way before.

  6. tata beto,

    there is always miss conception regarding being an apo and a mason especially of those who do not belong to both organization. for example in the statement of bro jonathan that “apo and masonry can’t mixed together”….he is right because they are two different organization. you can not mix solid with liquid. but i don’t know if he realize that this two organization can exist and work together.

    as bro robert stated that the seal of apo is based from freemasonry….there is no proof on that. the only person who can attest on that is the one who made the design. we don’t know what inspired the designer in doing so….we don’t know also if he is(was) a mason. now a days many organization using seal similar to apo such as the srb and one of the frats that belong to magic five.

    for your info, there are many freemasonry logos and one of them is similar to the seal of apo and our founder dr. frank reed horton was a mason. maybe that is the reason why bro robert had stated that. and we can not argue on that perception of bro robert because for sure freemasonry born first than apo. likewise, maybe tata pantas is not an apo that’s why he was not the party in interest to discuss the seal of apo with you. with regard to your statement “bakit ngayon sikat na ang apo….biglang kumalat ang balitang yan?”– so far as i’m concern and know matagal ng sikat ang apo that is why i join this fraternity in 1979 at wala naman akong alam na kumakalat regarding patterned sa mason ang seal ng apo. it is just a statement of bro robert and hindi naman ito kumakalat.

    i hope you have been enlighten my dear brother.

    may we always be,
    boyet delmo

    became a mason 1987
    saigon lodge #188

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