Senior Warden Robert Sing’s Birthday Gift Giving and Fellowship

The combined Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge, Amoranto Lodges, Bamboo Shriners and Empire of the East and West gathered at Quezon City Orthopedic Hospital to spread good cheer and distribute Food, Candies and toys to around 60 indigent children at the public ward. The activity which is also fast becoming an adoptive project of the Lodge was to Celebrate the birthday of Senior Warden Robert Sing. Below are some of the photos of the said activity and the fellowship that followed at Osiris Bar along Quezon Avenue.

(Left) The Brethren preparing candies and toys for distribution. (Right) Smiles of appreciation from the little ones are what keep us going.

(Right) Kuyang Elmer distributes packed food while FCM Jeric assists him. (Left) Knocker Richard and Kuyang Bryan Distributes food.

Kuya Bert poses with Ej whom he helped save and provides for a new prosthetic leg each year. This little guy who considers Kuyang as his ninong and each year attends his birthday thanksgiving project.

Senior Warden Robert Sing and Worshipful Master Elmer Garcia (SJC#3) poses with the head nurse Miss Mariz Pales

Fellowship at Osiris Bar.

Kuyangs Bryan and Jun sang their heart out.

Kuyangs Jun, Belli and Zidney.

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