Senior Warden Robert Sing’s Birthday Gift Giving and Fellowship

The combined Brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge, Amoranto Lodges, Bamboo Shriners and Empire of the East and West gathered at Quezon City Orthopedic Hospital to spread good cheer and distribute Food, Candies and toys to around 60 indigent children at the public ward. The activity which is also fast becoming an adoptive project of the Lodge was to Celebrate the birthday of Senior Warden Robert Sing. Below are some of the photos of the said activity and the fellowship that followed at Osiris Bar along Quezon Avenue.

(Left) The Brethren preparing candies and toys for distribution. (Right) Smiles of appreciation from the little ones are what keep us going.

(Right) Kuyang Elmer distributes packed food while FCM Jeric assists him. (Left) Knocker Richard and Kuyang Bryan Distributes food.

Kuya Bert poses with Ej whom he helped save and provides for a new prosthetic leg each year. This little guy who considers Kuyang as his ninong and each year attends his birthday thanksgiving project.

Senior Warden Robert Sing and Worshipful Master Elmer Garcia (SJC#3) poses with the head nurse Miss Mariz Pales

Fellowship at Osiris Bar.

Kuyangs Bryan and Jun sang their heart out.

Kuyangs Jun, Belli and Zidney.


Installation Speech of Worshipful Master Federic G. Sagario (2010)

RW sirs, VW sirs, W sirs, Sirs, Brethren, friends of Masons, Brethren from APO Alpha Eta Alumni Ass., my family & colleagues, Good afternoon……

I should, first, express my heart-warm gratitude to VW Alex B. Madamba Pddgm, for his exceptional presentation of installing the officers of this lodge, also to Vw Arnel Ofendo Reyes Ddgm MD Ncr-A, our Master of Ceremony, of course Bro. Rommel Agan JW of Cosmos Lodge No. 8 and specially to my mother lodge, Cosmos Lodge No. 8 who guided, and mold me in every ways through this same place where they initiated, passed, and raised me, to the sublime degree of Masonry, and how they nurtured me to masonry’s pure principle. Moreover, I give thanks to VW Antonio “Tonet” Tuason Pddgm who trusted, believed and supported me on my travel to this oriental chair, also to Island-Luz-Minerva Lodge No. 5, who enhances my ability in degree works and conferrals that grant me, an honorary membership, to the Empire of the East and West and its Grand Emperor for considering this Lodge to be part of one of the prestigious but humble club. Most of all, to the brethren of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, for having reposed in my person and character your confidence in my ability to lead you. I assure you, in turn, that I will try my utmost ability to administer the affairs of our lodge, as well as to promote the interest of our craft and to work for its enlargement and advancement. However, I cannot do it alone. I need not only God’s blessings and the beneficial influence of Masonry’s pure principle, but also your all-out cooperation and heartfelt support; We should, each of us, exert a little more effort to use wisdom in our relationship with one another, to make harmony the primary objective of all our undertakings, and to show to all and varied the beauty of the fellowship that exists among us.

As our Grand Master says, “Together brethren, we will make the difference, all for one and one for all.” That he is convincing us to build the one great team of players in this lodge highly determined to show to the non-Masonic public that we are, indeed, a band of men cemented by our special instrument to which others may look for example and inspiration. This is a team effort for the benefit neither of the master nor any individual personality but for all the brethren composed of this young lodge.

Take an example from one of the same holy works that those freemason forefathers read and trusted: from the epistle of Apostle Paul to the Philippians…. “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right; whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell in these things.” While this may seem play into a necessity to weigh and judge, it is actually more an attempt to focus our thoughts on a loving attitude- on harmonious rather than the divisive. This can be the same message from more concerned masters and teachers among us. We need to concentrate on the light in order to manifest it more fully. Though we face many challenges together, we know that we’re headed toward the goal of greater light, understanding, and harmony. Stay the course on the higher path, my brothers. Continue to practice random acts of kindness. Treat each encounter as holy. Think, meditate and pray knowing that every thought and intention is creative.

Finally, my brethren, be ye all of one mind; live in peace; and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with you and bless you. I sincerely wish to all of you, dear brethren, your families and friends a most blessed year ahead of us. May the GAOTU bless our humble lodge with good fortune and prosperity. May all of us work together in close harmony to gets things done for the best interest, the welfare and survival of our Masonic Family. Remember that, at this altar, we have promised to befriend and relieve every Brother who shall need our assistance. We have been enjoined to remind a Brother in the most friendly manner of his fault, to endeavor to aid his reformation, and to defend his character.

If we are indeed good and true brothers and friends to fellow Freemasons, there is yet hope that, someday, we will complete the construction of the Temple of the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God. And behold, we will find, how good and how pleasant it is for us to dwell together in unity!

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 in one accord let us prove that we are indeed……..“United brethren, and we will make the difference”

Thank you!


3rd Installation of Officers of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge

All Masons and Friends are Invited.

Installation Souvenirs

Gene and Belli

Meet the Frankies

Kuyang Bangs, Dado and Jun

VW Tony Zeta, PDGL and Kuyang Brian Ong

Kuyangs Nestor Mendoza and Eric Lagrisola

Kuyangs Raul Monforte and Vic Tariao

The newly Proficient Brethren: Lagri, Mendo and Raul

Pagpupugay sa Watawat by Kuyang Rommel Roxas

The District Officers, Newly Installed Officers and Members of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 with RW Santiago Gabionza.

Worshipful Master Eric Sagario’s Guests from APO Alpha Eta Alumni Association.

Vic’s guests from Scouts Royale Brotherhood.

The Lights of Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379 (L to R): Federic G. Sagario (WM), Roberto O. Sing (SW) and Kristoffer Llacuna (JW)

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Speech by outgoing Worshipful Master Samuel Laus (2009)

Sa pagbaba ko ngayon sa aking luklukan bilang inyong Woshipful Master 2009 ay nais kong pasalamatan lahat ng aking mga kapatid sa patuloy nilang pagsuporta bagamat ako’y may kapansanan. Aking tatangapon ang inyong alay na apron at past master’s jewel di sapagkat ito ay naayon at para sa akin. Bagkus, boung puso ko itong tatanggapin simbolo ng isang alaala na minsan ay naging bahagi ako ng lohiyang ito na sa panahong ako ay nararatay sa banig ng karamdaman ay matatag na pinagtulungan ng aking Senior at Junior Wardens na matagumpay na mairaos ang aking termino taong 2009 na taimtim na ginabayan ng mga nakakatandang kapatid tulad ni VW Tony Zeta, VW Ace Espejo at VW Tony Tuason na umagapay sa mga kasapi nito ng walang pag iimbot at walang masamang nasa. Salamat sa inyo.

Sa mga bata at mga bagong kasapi hangad ko ang tapat na ninyong paninilbihan. At sa mga bagong lukluk, maalab na pagbati!

Basbasan kayo ni Allah ng taos na pagpapala…Mabuhay Kayo!

VW Samuel Laus, PDDGM
Worshipful Master 2009
Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge 379


Lecture No. 12 Series of 2009 – Rights of Visit and Avouchment