Horton Brethren join Shriners Hotsands Ceremonials

A number of brethren from Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 braved the hotsands of the desert towards Mecca in their quest to become nobles of the Ancient Order Of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine last October 1, 2 & 3 at Ambassador Hotel, Malate, Manila. The group was led by no less than the Acting Worshipful Master – Senior Warden Eric S. Sagario; under the blessing of lodgemates PNSC incumbent President and Divan of Mabuhay Shriners Robert Ong Sing and Bamboo High Shereef Elmer Garcia. 109 Master Masons successfully crossed the hot sands of Mecca. Out of that number, there were about 14 FRHML brethren who joined the caravan, the majority of which under Bamboo Oasis, the oldest and the first Shriners Oasis in the Philippines.


The Novices of Bamboo Oasis. A number of which came from Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379


Primera Class. The group that will go down in the history of Philippine Shrinedom as the first class to graduate under the new Mabuhay Shriners Temple led by no less than the Chief PNP himself, General Jess Versoza.


We love the camel herder, We hate the wrecking crew!

Gene demonstrates how big his eggs are for Charity. Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!


Woken at 3 AM for an early dip and Shalaam excercises.

Try dipping into the pool at 3AM. Its fun.fun.fun. and ultra cold.cold.cold.

The Shriner Cabletow, it being once upon your clothed right shoulder is to signify to you that your suffering has only just begun.


Novice Vic Tarriao, ang siga ng Horton lodge. Hehehe.


With Kuyang and Fellow Novice and Class President General Jess Versoza, Chief PNP.


Again with Kuyang Jess during the Shriners Parade.


The Philippine Shriners honoring Kuyang Jose Rizal.


The Nobles of Island Luz Minerva, Frank Reed Horton, Amoranto and Jose Rizal Lodges during the Potentate’s Ball and Graduation of Primera Class at the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.

7 thoughts on “Horton Brethren join Shriners Hotsands Ceremonials”

  1. ES SALAMU ALEIKUM, nobilities…

    I congratulate and salute all new noble of BAMBOO SHRINE OASIS for having reached such milestone of achievements. I sincerely hope and pray for more productive years ahead. Especially, in the realization of our shrinedom’s quest to pursue noble programs for the less fortunate members of our society. SHALAM!!!

    Your’s in faith,

    High Shereef 2009
    Since 1902

  2. Good Pictures to view my brethren… I wish you all goodluck in spreading the seed of kindness, brotherly love and put them to practice to our fellow men.

    This is your brother from NY, NY under the mother of all temple shrines. Mecca Temple

    Squarely and On the level…
    Noble Tom Benolerao
    Mecca Temple Shrine
    Since 1872 and Jose Rizal 1172
    of Grand Lodge of State of NY

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