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August 18 FRHML 3rd Degree Conferral and Fellowship(3)

Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 celebrates the raising of Fellow Craft Masons Vic, Gene and Belli to the sublime 3rd Degree. Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 congratulates its new Master Masons and welcomes them to the Masonic fold. View the photos of this happy event by clicking on the title above. You may leave congratulatory messages by leaving a comment or signing our guestbook. Thanks!

Lecture No. 06 Series of 2009 – Brother, or, Mister?(0)

We are Brethren, and when you and I meet and you address me as Brother or Kuyang that is more than a courtesy, it is an honor you give me because you’re telling me that you regard me as more than an acquaintance.

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