The Meaning of Our Lodge Seal


The heraldic description of our Lodge Seal
as provided for in our By-laws


Section 1. It shall have a Seal – bearing such devices and inscriptions as by it may hereafter be determined – which shall be affixed to all instruments issued by or under its authority.

Section 2. The seal of this Lodge shall be circular in outline and shall consist of a shield quartered: the first quarter (dexter chief) or, at the point of honor is the symbolic eight-rayed golden sun with each ray flanked on both sides by lesser and minor rays proper for the Sun depicted in our Philippine Flag; the second quarter (sinister chief) azure quartered with a cross or and—in the first quarter a circle of twelve jewels or for the twelve Scout Laws, in the second three lit torches proper for the Great Pillars of Masonry, in the third three fleur-de-lis or for the three Principal Tenets of Masonry, and in the fourth four five-pointed stars proper for the four Cardinal Virtues; the third quarter (dexter base) azure with an outline of Frank Reed Horton argent in whose memory the Lodge is named; and, the fourth quarter (sinister base) or with two of the Great Lights of Masonry or which indicate the universality of Freemasonry.

Supporters: Dexter and Sinister, knights in armor proper for Silence and Circumspection guarding our demeanor as Freemasons.

Crest: An All-seeing Eye sable with twelve effulgent rays or.

Motto: On a ribbon azure, below the shield, the words ‘AUDI, VIDE, TACE’ or.

The whole device surrounded by the words ‘Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge No. 379, F. & A. M.’ azure above, the number ‘2008’ azure below representing the year of the Lodge Constitution; two fleur-de-lis or dividing the name and the year; outside of which a border consisting of an endless cabletow or.”

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