Frank Reed Horton Memorial Lodge #379 Officers for MY 2009

VW Samuel A. Laus PDDGM Worshipful Master Wilfdredo E. Baltazar Marshal Oliver Lim Webmaster
Federic G. Sagario Senior Warden Danilo L. Dizon Senior Deacon Mamerto T. Padilla Jr., Senior Steward
Roberto O. Sing Junior Warden Edison S. Somera Junior Deacon Florizel M. Bahena Jr., Junior Steward
Kristoffer G.B. Llacuna Treasurer WB Walter B. Lagadan PM Orator WB Francis E. Blanco Custodian of Works
George Brian C. Ong Secretary WB Secinio Z. Bermudez PM Almoner WB Fernando C. Pace Harmony Officer
Victor Antonio T. Espejo Auditor VW Antonio C. Zeta PDGL Lecturer Jason F. Mamenta Organist
WB Tomas T. Balisi PM Chaplain VW Isaac F. Arribas Jr. PGH Historian VW Antonio A. Tuason PDDGM Tyler

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